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Programmers are the security problem

Larry Ellison of Oracle has spoken numerous times about how bad security is in the industry.  However, I don’t think he acknowledged the problem; Programmers are under skilled and require guidance. Anyone can be a Java, C or C# programmer, but how good are they at their job?  Unfortunately, businesses are asking the wrong questions … Continue reading »

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AMD’s 16-core ‘Threadripper’ CPU is built for ultra-high-end PCs

I may have built a new Ryzen system, but this is very interesting, and my system may be getting a upgrade very shortly.  The new Ryzen chips work great for my development work and will make some of my transcoding work even faster.  Hooray for AMD, finally! Source: AMD’s 16-core ‘Threadripper’ CPU is built for … Continue reading »

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I’m upgrading to Ryzen

My main server at home is running Linux that I use for compiling code, analyzing dumps, running my Plex server, running some VMWare instances, and used as a sandbox for other applications. I have been running a fairly old AMD FX 8350 8 core system with 32 GB of memory. At the time, this was … Continue reading »

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Cool does not equal usefulness

Apple is not listening to its users, and is falling behind with its products being cool and useful.  The new Macbook Pro is anything but a professional machine.  It maybe can replace some desktops, but not all.  It can certainly replace the 2013 Mac Pro, which is supposed to be the top of the line … Continue reading »

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Dongles are Apple’s new business model

I am extremely disappointed with the new Apple Macbook Pro laptops.  Sure the new Touch Bar is a cool gimmick, and that is exactly what it is, but killing all the ports that pros actually use is a huge mistake.  I am not even sure Apple knows what people do with their laptops. I use … Continue reading »

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