Tubing and Hydro Zorbing

 Enjoy a video of some friends and myself tubing and hydro zorbing.  Lots of fun!!!

Moving to a new site

The site, in its current form, has become unmanageable and needs a change. Shortly, I hope, I will be changing the sites look and content.  The site will be focused more on the travel pictures and blog entries.  The news aggregator will be gone.  It was a good idea at the time.  The travel photos are getting an update with new galleries, slideshows and some other really cool improvements.  The site will be hosted in the cloud!  Stay tuned.

I'm still alive

I have not updated this site in quite a few months. Since then I have moved to Ireland and have not completely settled down and unpacked everything yet. I have thousands upon thousands of pictures from over 50 sites in Ireland to post. I still need to transfer them to my computer before I just place a large chunk of data on the server. Almost every weekend I am out and about. I really do love the country and the people here. The beer is not bad either. Until the next...

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