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I love Santiago, Chile

I have been told that there are more interesting places in Chile that I must visit, but I am in love with Santiago. I was in Santiago for two weeks for work and walked over 50 kilometers around the sprawling city. I walked from the streets in the business district to the highest peak in the city. Within viewing distance was the Andes mountains tempting me to climb them. Continue reading »

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Western Massachusetts travels

This weekend brought me to the western part of Massachusetts.  The western part is known for the Berkshire mountains and the farm land.  A little over two hours of driving from Boston on some of the scenic and curvy roads of route MA-116 brought me through several small villages that looked like time was standing … Continue reading »

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King’s Quest 2015

I am unbelievably happy that Sierra released a new version of King’s Quest for the modern consoles.  I remember thinking how revolutionary these games were on the Apple IIe and IBM PCs.  The graphics are stunning, the game play is similar and very witty. The game is a reimagining of the original series from the … Continue reading »

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The Ultimate Hard Drive Test: What Hard Drive is Best?

What hard drive is best? As of the end of Q1 2015 we had 44,252 hard drives spinning in our datacenter. Click now to see which drives performed best.

Source: The Ultimate Hard Drive Test: What Hard Drive is Best? Continue reading »

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Border Control and Derby Line, Vermont

I was on a recent road trip from Boston to Montréal and back, and I stopped in several small towns and parks along my route. These stops included places in the States of New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. The route I took was not the quickest, but that was never my intention. My intention … Continue reading »

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Welcome to the all new! I have had a presence on the internet since 1995 with my old days.  Every few years it is important to update the site to reflect my ever changing life, new web standards and to clean the old and replace it with the new. I have not updated … Continue reading »

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