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AMD’s 16-core ‘Threadripper’ CPU is built for ultra-high-end PCs

I may have built a new Ryzen system, but this is very interesting, and my system may be getting a upgrade very shortly.  The new Ryzen chips work great for my development work and will make some of my transcoding work even faster.  Hooray for AMD, finally! Source: AMD’s 16-core ‘Threadripper’ CPU is built for … Continue reading »

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I’m upgrading to Ryzen

My main server at home is running Linux that I use for compiling code, analyzing dumps, running my Plex server, running some VMWare instances, and used as a sandbox for other applications. I have been running a fairly old AMD FX 8350 8 core system with 32 GB of memory. At the time, this was … Continue reading »

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Cool does not equal usefulness

Apple is not listening to its users, and is falling behind with its products being cool and useful.  The new Macbook Pro is anything but a professional machine.  It maybe can replace some desktops, but not all.  It can certainly replace the 2013 Mac Pro, which is supposed to be the top of the line … Continue reading »

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Dongles are Apple’s new business model

I am extremely disappointed with the new Apple Macbook Pro laptops.  Sure the new Touch Bar is a cool gimmick, and that is exactly what it is, but killing all the ports that pros actually use is a huge mistake.  I am not even sure Apple knows what people do with their laptops. I use … Continue reading »

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The iPhone and The FBI

I find it hard to believe that the FBI cannot crack an iPhone.   After ten attempts the phone might wipe itself, which is what the FBI is afraid might happen.  Maybe they do not use Macs in the FBI, but with Xcode, a tool from Apple to create code for OS X and the … Continue reading »

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Prince George Orders Execution Of Classmates During First Day At School | Waterford Whispers News

Prince George Orders Execution Of Classmates During First Day At School Source: Prince George Orders Execution Of Classmates During First Day At School | Waterford Whispers News For those not familiar with the Waterford Whispers, it is similar to The Onion in the US, but based in Ireland.  The journal is more witty than The … Continue reading »

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I love Santiago, Chile

I have been told that there are more interesting places in Chile that I must visit, but I am in love with Santiago. I was in Santiago for two weeks for work and walked over 50 kilometers around the sprawling city. I walked from the streets in the business district to the highest peak in the city. Within viewing distance was the Andes mountains tempting me to climb them. Continue reading »

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Western Massachusetts travels

This weekend brought me to the western part of Massachusetts.  The western part is known for the Berkshire mountains and the farm land.  A little over two hours of driving from Boston on some of the scenic and curvy roads of route MA-116 brought me through several small villages that looked like time was standing … Continue reading »

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King’s Quest 2015

I am unbelievably happy that Sierra released a new version of King’s Quest for the modern consoles.  I remember thinking how revolutionary these games were on the Apple IIe and IBM PCs.  The graphics are stunning, the game play is similar and very witty. The game is a reimagining of the original series from the … Continue reading »

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